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The ISLAMIC AHLUL BAYT ASSOCIATION OF THE TRIANGLE (IABAT) is a nonprofit organization located and serving Muslims in the Triangle area of North Carolina. The organization has been in existence since 1999. IABAT is committed to the religious beliefs and practices of the Ja`fari Ithna `Ashari Shiah sect of Islam, and all of its activities and education are based on the teachings of this sect.

The intention of IABAT is to serve as an educational and social center for the purpose of conducting classes and events for Islamic teachings of its sect for its members and their children. IABAT conducts religious and social ceremonies such as marriages and funerals and is engaged in charitable works for needy families of the Ithna `Asahari Shi`ah Muslim community in and outside the United States of America and also for those who are needy in the local community at large.

IABAT at all times endeavors to establish positive and mutually beneficial relationships with local Islamic communities of other Islamic sects as well as with Christian, Jewish and other religious organizations in order to promote understanding. It can also participate in other relationships including memberships in national and international religious bodies representing the interests of IABAT.

All classes, instruction and services are in English with Arabic used as appropriate for recitation of the Holy Quran and other religious texts. Separate gatherings with services in other languages such as Urdu or Farsi can be approved by the board as long as they do not supersede or conflict with the main English programs…

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IABAT consists of a general body of members governed by a Board of Directors and a Board of Trustees. Sub-committees are appointed to serve various functions as needed. Religious matters are overseen by a Ja`fari Ithna `Ashari Shi`ah religious scholar residing in the United States. Voting members are expected to pay annual dues.

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Karrar Husain

Karrar Husain

Ouj Zaman

Ouj Zaman

Director of Treasury
Lulu Khan

Lulu Khan

Director of Education